Maison Kargani Frame & Silk Scarf "Nameless 5021" by Norris Yim No1

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The unique Art Piece Maison Kargani frame, handmade in Geneva features the unique artwork of Hong Kongese artist Norris Yim. The silk foulard is finely decorated with his art work.

Every detail counts, from art to fashion. We are proud to have succeeded in integrating the Genevan know-how in our brand. The concept “Art Pieces” consists in giving another form of life to our silk scarves. We are thus, the first brand to offer this unique service to our clients passionate of art. The timeless and emblematic Kargani frames are made entirely by hand by our Geneva’s craftsmen.

"Douceur de Soi" is a human encounter. For you and us. A meeting with painters with a promising future, whose universe inspires and transcends us. Who deserves to be exposed to the four corners of the world. Isn't it wonderful to give them such mobile support. Only ten silk squares are adorned with their lines and colours. Signed, numbered, stamped as usual, recalling this last touch affixed by the hand of the artist. Number 0 belongs to its creator. The suite becomes a work of art to dress the bodies. Each artist put forward by Maison Kargani is carefully selected for their talent, their vision, and their avant-gardism.

"Nameless 5021 ": In order to ingratiate the capitalism & hypocritical living, people burying their original appearance to survive, and new faces replace the old ones, even using the heavy makeup becomes a new self-forgetting self, with hypocrisy and fear of life. It has spawned a series of abstract portraits that express the pity and sadness of society.

"Memory loss, confusion, unbalanced life. When you look but can’t see. Thinking without imagination, living without soul. The more multitask, the less details define, particularly in faces or recollection of the inside, even if the outline is defined. This painting shows the process of forgetting and thoughts just out of reach. It’s face in front of me, but I can’t pinpoint what it is." -Norris Yim.

Brushed aluminum frame. Kargani color. UV70 glass pane. Scarf 100% Twill of Silk, Extra soft Finishing.

Local Artisans: As our brand focuses substantially on ethical practices, we optimise giving work to local artisans. 100% of the materials used to produce our scarves come from the same region they are produced in.

Thoughtfully Ecological: Our Kargani frame are handmade in Geneva, Switzerland. 
Our scarves are handmade and hand rolled locally, reducing importantly our C02 emission. We advocate for rarity, not out of elitism, but because it awakens us, stimulates us. It reminds us of the preciousness of life which is one.

Quality over Quantity: That quality does not need to exist in quantity to be appreciated. Thus micro production pushes us to act with awareness, to anchor ourselves in the present; to cherish the past for what it has bequeathed to us and the future for the possibilities it can offer us. Maison Kargani is in tune with the times, and always will be.

Made in Geneva: We are proud to have succeeded in integrating the Genevan know-how in our brand. The timeless and emblematic Kargani frames are made entirely by hand by our Geneva’s.

Our Signature: We focus on what makes the nobility of art: this rarity, which is why this unique frame is the number one. An irreplaceable pieces, without any possible reissue.

The frame is 1m10 x 1m10.

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