Giant Silk Scarf "Ocean" by Patrick Vollmar

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This Limited Edition Silk Scarf features the unique art piece of Swiss artist Patrick Vollmar. The silk foulard is finely decorated with his art work.

Crafted in shades of blue and ivory silk twill, the one sided design has hand-rolled edges featuring the name of the art work, the name of the artist and the individual number of each piece, without forgetting the Maison Kargani signature.

This essential accessory complements any outfit. The scarf can be worn in many different ways, like tied around the waist or neck, as a top, or as a headscarf.

"Douceur de Soi" is a human encounter. For you and us. A meeting with painters with a promising future, whose universe inspires and transcends us. Who deserves to be exposed to the four corners of the world. Isn't it wonderful to give them such mobile support. Only ten silk squares are adorned with their lines and colours. Signed, numbered, stamped as usual, recalling this last touch affixed by the hand of the artist. Number 0 belongs to its creator. The suite becomes a work of art to dress the bodies. Each artist put forward by Maison Kargani is carefully selected for their talent, their vision, and their avant-gardism.

"Ocean": This creation is painted in oil with mixed techniques, in a sort of letting go mode.
The natural elements command respect and bring a dimension of power into our lives. Untameable energies such as water fascinate Patrick. Inspired and connected to the elements, he delivers a clear and energetic vision of the ocean as far as the eye can see.
This connected work carries the powerful DNA of the ocean, hence its title.

100% Twill of Silk, Extra soft Finishing.

Local Artisans: As our brand focuses substantially on ethical practices, we optimise giving work to local artisans. 100% of the materials used to produce our scarves come from the same region they are produced in.

Thoughtfully Ecological: 
Our scarves are handmade and hand rolled locally, reducing importantly our C02 emission. We advocate for rarity, not out of elitism, but because it awakens us, stimulates us. It reminds us of the preciousness of life which is one.

Quality over Quantity: That quality does not need to exist in quantity to be appreciated. Thus micro production pushes us to act with awareness, to anchor ourselves in the present; to cherish the past for what it has bequeathed to us and the future for the possibilities it can offer us. Maison Kargani is in tune with the times, and always will be.

100% Made in Italy: Our scarves are 100% produced in Como, Italy, from beginning to finish. Como is known as the City of Silk, hence our decision to produce in this region. We are proud to claim that every single material used to produce our scarves are locally sourced in Italy. Our special premium packaging is produced in Italy with Italian paper. The golden colour reflects the spirit of the house with our logo signature, Maison Kargani.

Our Signature: We focus on what makes the nobility of art: this rarity, which is why each of our models in collaboration with artists is numbered and limited to 10 irreplaceable pieces, without any possible reissue. Until now art is supposed to be observed, but today art is touched and worn without subtracting from its primary vocation.

135 x 135 cm. As this scarf is hand-rolled, the dimensions indicated may vary.

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