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Maison Kargani | Swiss  Designer Sneakers for Women | Handmade in Italy

The experience of a premium luxury sneakers for women.

The Stellar Model, designed in Geneva Switzerland, by our founder Monsieur Kargani, who devoted himself body and soul to the realization of this shoe.

It took more than one human encounter, this time, and more than one material to identify the best components, durable and of unparalleled quality shoe making. But the most beautiful thing about it is the hands that shape, the designs that fascinate, the details that captivate and the possibility to choose your unique number.

Grab this accessory of character and you will be instantly projected into the workshops of our craftsmen in the region of Marche in Italy, with exceptional know-how.

This expertise honed over the years, if not over the course of their respective lives, is an invaluable family legacy. Hand-to-hand transmission. From heart to heart.

    Calfskin Leather: We use the combination of two calfskins, grained and smooth, named "Vera Pelle". It is the most qualitative calf skin, making it particularly valuable as well as durable.

    Nabuk Leather: Nabuk is a material that comes from leather calfskin that we use because it has a particularity; it gives an aspect of rarity to each piece. As every piece of nabuk is different, it gives a finish that provides a unique look and a soft touch.

    Golden Multifunction Accessory: Our golden multifunction accessory holding our waxed laces represents the minimalism, sobre elegance of the brand.

    Shoelaces: The shoelaces are soaked in wax to give them more resistance and a high end finish. Each pair of shoes comes accompanied by an extra pair of white waxed laces.

    Insole: The insole memory foam is a complete comfort experience. The sole memorises the shape of your foot and adapts itself to become even more comfortable with time.

    Confort: Speaking of optimal comfort, we have hidden the seams of the heal in order to not see them and most importantly, not feel them. For an ultimate piece of luxury, we have added a layer of leather under the sole with the log buffer, for aesthetics and ultimate comfort.

    Signature: Our double stitching, signature of the brand, is made by hand in Italy.

    Outsole: Our extra light outsole is made specially to be easy and comfortable to wear, the bounciness of the sole absorbs all shocks and protects the foot.

    Local Artisans: As our brand focuses greatly on ethical practices, we maximise giving work to local artisans. 80% of the materials used to produce our shoes come from the same region they are produced in Marches.

    Thoughtfully Ecological: The tannery is only one kilometer away from our fabric, reducing importantly our C02 emission. We favor rarity, not out of elitism, but because it awakens us, stimulates us.

    Quality over Quantity: It reminds us of the preciousness of life which is one. That quality does not need to exist in quantity to be appreciated. Thus micro production pushes us to act with awareness, to anchor ourselves in the present; to cherish the past for what it has bequeathed to us and the future for the possibilities it can offer us.

    Maison Kargani is in tune with the times, and always will be.

    100% Made in Italy: Our shoes are 100% produced in Marches, Italy, from beginning to finish.

    Marches has a high reputation of being the best shoe making region of Europe. We are proud to claim that every single part of our products are shaped in Italy. Our special premium packaging is produced in Italy with Italian paper. The golden colour reflects the spirit of the house with our logo signature, Maison Kargani.

    Our double stitches are uniquely made by hand in the same region.

    We stand for this 100% made in Italy way of producing, where as many other brands decide to produce in diminished countries to obtain a better price.

    Our Signature: The silhouette remains unique while the finishes vary on each series, all produced in a very limited quantities.

    Each pair is numbered by hand, unique transparency, that is what we do:

    No 1. The first number is for the model type: For example, Nabuk Navy Blue or Nabuk Sahara.

    No 2. The second number is for the size. Our sizes range from 36 to 40 for women, and 41 to 46 for men.

    No 3. The third number, in this case 03, is your personal unique number. This code to be deciphered puts its owner in the confidence. 

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