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Maison Kargani Art

Bloomer 140

Regular price CHF 750.00

 The Maison Kargani silk scarf collection "Bloomer" draws inspiration from the vibrant and ever-changing world of flowers. This collection captures the essence of a garden in full bloom, portraying the beauty and diversity of floral life through luxurious silk.

Each scarf in the "Bloomer" collection is a tribute to a specific flower, meticulously designed to represent its unique colors, shapes, and textures. The collection ranges from the delicate intricacies of the cherry blossom to the bold vibrancy of sunflowers, each piece a work of art crafted to mirror nature's design.

The "Bloomer" collection also celebrates the cycle of the seasons, featuring flowers associated with spring, summer, autumn, and winter. This approach not only highlights the beauty of each season but also tells a story of growth and renewal that resonates deeply with the wearer.