Our Values

Heritage of Craft

Artisanal skills are a precious testimony passed by the old generation to the younger one.

This continuity is vital for our "Maison" and in our eyes, Italy has a central role in fashion, not only because of its history, but especially thanks to the preservation of its craftsmanship.

We met with the artisans and traced back the geographic birthplace of every single expertise, always working with the best craftsmen.

our values

Ethical Practice

In our opinion, everything matters, from the craftsman to the used materials.

We can proudly claim to visit regularly, know personally and have weaved narrow relationships with every person in the production line of our products.

From the smallest accessory, to nobler materials as leathers up to the final garment and packaging, everything in our products is 100% Made in Italy.

our values

Micro Production

Our mission is to sustain slow fashion. We aim to be the exception in the fashion industry.

If you can find it in thousands of pieces, you are no longer talking of real luxury. This is why we chose to manufacture our items in very limited quantity.

Each of our products is numbered.

Therefore, our customers have access to a proof of traceability and a personalized piece indicating the number of pieces produced to date.

If you feel in your body and soul that you are different from everyone else and yet so connected to the universe, then you are part of the Maison Kargani journey: a journey through the world, where the detail is the only reflection of truth and the exception the only expression that will outlive us.

Mr. Kargani, the founder.