geneva, switzerland

Born & Raised

Our Maison was born in Geneva, like the founder of the brand. Maison Kargani brings values that perfectly characterize its country of origin, Switzerland. Among its values we find meticulousness, patience, transparency, finesse. These are values that we find in the jewelery and watchmaking sector. Sectors that gave Geneva its fine reputation. Maison Kargani draws its foundations and its values from these various ideologies, in order to create something bigger.

Marche, Italia

The Path of Artisan Manufacturing

Marche, in the middle of Italy, is known for its stunning landscapes, history, artistic heritage, and coast. Marche is the birthplace of the famous Italian handmade shoe tradition, where most of the shoe production happens in the south of the region. Only in Marche are the finest quality leather shoes designed, produced and then shipped all over the world. Shoemaking is a tough and complicated process that requires strong hands to pull the leather over the lasts and sew the leather. We selected the region of Marche to highlight our values, in this case the heritage of craft. Many artisans from this area are continuing the traditions they learned from their fathers and grandfathers. It is important for us to work closely with the artisans, to create a strong organic bond between us.

Como, italia

The Path of Elegance & Charm

Silk, or be oneself. A whirlwind of strength and delicacy. Increased sensitivity, unfailing resistance. Sometimes discreet, sometimes flamboyant but always noble at heart. Silk can become a field of artistic expression and exploration. We decided to look for the best silk twill possible, that is only found in one region: Como, located in Lombardy, Italy. Como contains numerous works of art, churches, gardens, museums, theaters, parks and palaces. But most importantly, it is known as the City of Silk. It was in the year 1400 that Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan, decided to plant mulberry trees around Como to feed the silk worms. Since then, the love and passion for silk have ancient origins in Como. Maison Kargani proudly shares this technical and artistic heritage through the silk scarves that we produce in this region.

Milano, Italia

The Path of Delicate Tailoring

Milano is recognised internationally as being the cradle of fashion, one of the world's most important fashion capitals. The most dedicated craftsmen consecrate themselves to produce faultless garments in the north Italian region surrounding Milan.
Whilst we are tailoring our upcoming ready to wear collection, we continue to always look for the combination between comfort and elegance, thus why we work hand in hand with the best craftsmen in Italy.

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