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The Maison Kargani Journey

The Maison Kargani Journey


 "Our true identity is revealed behind the scenes of our existence. Our daily choices define what we will become. Our society, our surroundings, our consumer system pushes us to conform to one another. Day after day, our uniqueness is denied for the sake of an illusory social approval, an upheaval that is expressed at all levels and in all walks of life.

In an age shaped by appearance where salt oddly resembles sugar. How can we find that essence that binds us to life?

The world reveals itself and we can perceive it through the awakening of our five senses: the vibration of sound, the smell of materials, the feeling of touch, the keen observation of detail and good taste. It all comes to life when we allow our minds the luxury of letting go.

We strive to convey these elements through our unique and limited creations.

If you feel in your body and soul that you are different from everyone else and yet so connected to the universe, then you are part of the Maison Kargani journey: a journey through the world, where the detail is the only reflection of truth and the exception the only expression that will outlive us."


Mr. Kargani

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